T-1600 16 mm Pitch

Perfect for billboard applications, T-1600 16mm pitch LED displays deploy a self-healing network of intelligent LED modules and proprietary imaging algorithms to deliver flawless, brilliant images for over 100,000 hours. T-1600 LED displays boast the industry's highest waterproof rating and are capable of withstanding the toughest environmental conditions, including heat extremes and North American road-salt environments. Advanced web-based display and media management software, together with rapid on-call assistance, provide an unparalleled long-term experience for network operators.

T-1200 12 mm Pitch

T-1200 12mm pitch LED displays offer all the functionality and reliability of T-1600 displays, with increased LED density for up-close, high resolution applications. T-1200 LED modules are cross-compatible with T-1600 modules, allowing 16 mm pitch displays to be upgraded easily to 12 mm pitch by swapping modules without structural modification. As with all Luminautics LED display products, T-1200 displays are designed for front/rear service, and are constructed with corrosion-proof extruded aluminum.

Tested for extreme reliability

Accelerated Corrosion Test (Salt Fog)

This test, based on the ASTM B117-09 standard, is designed to expose weaknesses in outdoor electronic equipment through 500-hour immersion in a highly corrosive and electrically conductive fog at elevated temperature. This is the most rigorous test of protective seals and electrical connections possible. Modules are tested in full operation at high-output, with data connectors also immersed in the fog. Only Luminautics modules are designed to withstand this level of punishment.

High-Pressure Water Jet

Luminautics products are tested by high-pressure water jet spray inches from the display surface for extended periods. This simulates exposure to the harshest wet environments and in-field pressure-washing procedures used to rapidly clean LED displays in the field. Luminautics modules are submersible and easily withstand the wet conditions that damage inferior products.

Rapid Thermal Shock

Luminautics products are subjected to repeated thermal cycling from -50C to 75C to simulate environmental conditions more demanding than any found in nature. Modules are alternated rapidly between cryogenic freezing with liquid nitrogen and oven chambers to shock the system with sudden thermal transitions. You can be sure that your Luminautics display will operate for many years, even in the most extreme climates on earth.