Next-generation display solutions for sign industry leaders

Luminautics offers the ultimate in reliable LED display technology. Our approachable team of sign-industry experts is redefining the industry with advanced technology, powerful software, and partnerships with North America’s top sign manufacturers.

Welcome to Digital done right.


Premium LEDs and electronics from top-tier manufacturers

Highest colour range, uniformity, efficiency, and component longevity ensure long-term imaging performance.

Synchronous active matrix output

No distracting flickering, ghosting, or shearing of images.

Colour calibration applied to every pixel

Perfectly smooth images throughout display lifetime.

Low-profile aluminum construction for industry’s thinnest displays

Attractive enclosures that let the viewer focus on the image. Strong and impervious to rusting.


Fully submersible and ruggedized LED modules and connectors

Luminautics LED systems withstand the harshest environments on Earth. Tested under arctic, desert, and salt spray conditions, you can be confident your display will keep working no matter where it's installed.

Self-healing data delivery network linking every LED module

Reduces costly visual downtime due to data-line or module breaks.

Direct AC power distribution to modules

Eliminates corrosion inherent to DC power connections.


Industry’s most intuitive control software

Manage sign networks of any size quickly and efficiently with one easy-to-learn full-featured interface.

Control software is entirely web-based

No specialized software to install. Can be used with any modern web browser.

Flexible calendar-based media scheduling specifically optimized for Digital-Out-Of-Home

Visually manage your screen inventory for optimal utilization.

Control interface for LED sign networks of any size

Remotely manage and monitor display settings, system health, and all network operations — down to every last LED.

Shareable media library for uploaded content

Collaboratively upload, organize, and preview your graphics before showing them on your sign. Accepts all standard image and video file formats.