Graham Murdoch — Chief Executive Officer

Graham Murdoch is an LED specialist, and seasoned engineering professional. Graham holds a master’s degree in LED engineering applications, and is an innovation fellow at the University of Toronto’s institute for optical sciences. Prior to founding Luminautics in 2009, Graham performed critical technology development at InVisage Inc., which was rated by the Wall Street Journal as America’s top emerging semiconductor company in 2010, going on to secure series C venture funding from Intel. Graham also served as Director of Operations for Lumentra Inc, where he spearheaded the development of novel quantum dot phosphor materials for LED general lighting applications. Graham has managed all aspects of Luminautics since its founding.

Leo Mordoukhovski — Chief Operating Officer

Leo is an experienced operations officer, with strong technical abilities. Leo holds BASc and MASc degrees in Engineering from University of Toronto. Prior co-founding Luminautics, Leo ran a successful consulting firm undertaking numerous projects including conflict and dispute resolution in international projects, adaptation of ASME standards to foreign regulatory environments, contract negotiation and project management in the chemical process industries. Leo was employed as a project manager with Siemens, received formal business training from York University's Schulich School of Business, as well as has research experience at the University of Toronto and Max-Plank Institute in Germany.

Peter McCormick — VP Software Engineering

Peter is a computer scientist with over 14 years of progressively sophisticated programming and software design experience. His skill set ranges from language & compiler design, large-scale server infrastructures, low-level systems programming, database engines, and embedded systems design. Prior to joining Luminautics, he successfully launched PetraSync Inc., providing ongoing web design, application development, and maintenance consulting to clients including city councillors, large private companies, and small non-profit organizations.